Life in the 
Hawaiian Islands
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“Life in the Hawaiian Islands” brings Hawaii’s true form to the viewers home.”

 Our online maps give the viewer a good perspective of what one can expect from many locations around the islands.
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Life in the

Hawaiian Islands


Locations From Around Hawaii

Life in the Hawaiian Islands is a high definition travel and nature documentary series seven years in the making, narrated by Hawaii’s own Kanoe Cazimero.  The features travel the islands exhibiting places of interest and information about the islands topography, weather, plants, animals and interesting places.  Cutting edge time lapse photography from all corners of Hawaii, mixed with nature and underwater cinematography makes Life in the Hawaiian Islands a unique way to learn about the islands.  Whether you are a resident or a visitor, the series will open your eyes to Hawaii as it has never been seen before, in this highly acclaimed new series.  

Time lapse





Pelagic Life


Imagery From across The Hawaiian Island Chain:

The commercial free series reveals some of the best places for both visitors and residents to add to their “bucket lists”, while providing valuable travel tips, and facts about the diverse medley of subjects.

The series is not just a travel and nature video, it is also a relaxation video as well!  Just alter the audio settings to change it from a narrated documentary to a relaxation video with natural sounds or with just the music tracks the series is set to.   Lots of bonus features add many more reasons to add the Life in the Hawaiian Islands to your shopping cart.