Life in the 
Hawaiian Islands
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O’ahu is known as Hawaii’s gathering place.  It is home to more people than all the other islands combined, yet beyond the city limits lay many areas of virtually untouched beauty. 

This DVD explores some of the most popular destinations of O’ahu showing why O’ahu is one of the most famous islands in the world.

Kauai & the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

Maui County  Maui, Moloka’i & Lana’i

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Island Compilation

Themed DVD Relaxation Series

  Island Relaxation DVD Series

The Island of Fire and Ice, the Big Island of Hawaii, or Hawaii Island itself, is larger than all the other islands combined.  Snow Capped mountains to white sand beaches, Rain forests to Waterfalls and Lava flows, the Big Island is perhaps the most climactically diverse island in the world, hosting more than 11 of 13 climactic regions.  This DVD reveals the raw beauty found on this amazing island.

Locations:  Hilo, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Punaluu Beach,

Mauna Kea Summit and Observatories, Kona Coast,

Saddle Back Road, Akaka and Rainbow Falls, and Much More...

Subjects:  Lava flows, Jacksons Chameleons, Climactic Zones,

Native Birds, Native Plants, Marine Animals: Manta Rays, Trevally, Dolphins and More...

The Valley Isle, the friendly isle, and the pineapple isle, Maui, Moloka’i and Lana’i makeup Maui County.  These three islands host some of the most dramatic topographical regions in the islands, from the highest sea cliffs in the world, to lunar like landscape, sprawling plantation fields, tropical beaches and rain forests.  This DVD voyages to some of the most pristine areas of Maui County.

Kauai, The Garden Isle is home to the largest canyon in Hawaii, Waimea Canyon.  From the Napali Coast with its majestic mountain cliffs and rain forest’s, to the remote atolls and Islands of Laysan, Nihoa, Necker and more.  This feature travels over 1000 miles of the pacific exploring these rugged and remote locations and the extreme beauty that encompasses the nature and creatures found here.


  1. -Nearest Pacific Atolls to the Hawaiian Archipelago:

Johnston, Palmyra and Kingman Reef

  1. -Loopable Relaxation Segments:

  2. -Kalalau and Waimea Canyon


DVD Bonus Features:

- The Waves Inside

- Loopable Relaxation Segments:

- Haleakala Sunrises and Sunsets

- Lanai Beach Relaxation

  1. -Native Forest Bird Medley

  2. -Time lapse Medley

The Big Island, Maui, Moloka’i, Lana’i, O’ahu, Kauai and the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. 

Explore the highlights of the islands in this feature that jumps from island to island showing the best of Hawaii, in its most spectacular form.  Time lapse, slow motion, underwater, scenic, nature videography reveals the islands in a light of its own. 

Rainforest’s, Beaches, Snow Capped mountains, active volcanoes, offshore islands, and monster waves are just some of the things you will see in this packed feature.

Lanikai Beach, Kualoa Beach, Tantalus Forests, North Shore Beaches, Sunrises and Sunsets and more.

Big Island- 
Lava Flows and fields, Kua Beach, Magic Sands, Mauna Kea, Akaka Falls, Rainbow Falls, sunrises and sunsets and more.

Maui County- 
Haleakala, Lahaina Shores, Shipwreck Beach, Molokai Streams, Hosmer Grove, Sunrises and Sunsets and more.

Waimea Canyon, Kalalau Lookout, Kalalau beach, Kalalau Stream, Queens bath, Sunrises Sunsets and more.

Our Island Relaxation DVD’s play various destinations from each respective island with natural audio, allowing the viewer to experience what it would be like to be at each location. 

Each DVD comes with selectable controls allowing for facts and travel tips, and each DVD is loaded with bonus features.

Our themed DVD relaxation series combine the most desired of locations such as beaches, streams and forests and time lapse’s.

Kua Beach, Magic Sands, Shipwreck Beach, Lanikai, Kailua, Sandys, Sunset Beach, Laniakea, Waikiki, Diamond head, and more.

Streams and Forests-  
Rainbow Falls, Akaka falls, Mauna Loa Natural Reserve, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hosmer Grove, Halawa, Koolau range, Kalalau and more. 

Time lapse- 
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Mauna Kea, Haleakala, Lanai, Molokai, Kaneohe Bay, Ko’olau mountain range, Honolulu Harbor, Waikiki, Diamond Head, North Shore of O’ahu, Waimea Canyon, Kalalau and more.

Sunrise and Sunset- 
Kalapana, Mauna kea, Kona, Haleakala, Lahaina, North Shore Moloka’i, Lanikai, Kailua, Makapu’u, Waikiki, Makaha, Sunset Beach, Laniakea, Kalalau and more.

Gathering Place the Oahu DVD

Island of Fire & Ice the Big Island DVD


A Travel and Nature Documentary, focusing on Hawaii’s Ecosystems,

Plants, Animals, and Interesting Places.

Want to make the most out of your Hawaiian vacation?  The Life in the Hawaiian Islands is not just a nature documentary, island maps allow viewers to learn more about the islands ecology, topography,  plants animals, and interesting places.

Featuring highly acclaimed time lapse photography, our Maui County DVD has some of the best time lapse sequences ever filmed in Hawaii. 

Kauai and the Northwestern Hawaiian islands contain some of the most rugged topographies in the world, spanning a distance of over well over 1000 miles within the largest marine wildlife reserve in the world.

DVD Bonus Features:

- Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational Surf Event

- Blue Angels Air show at Kaneohe Bay

- Hang glider men of East O’ahu

- Loopable Relaxation Segments

- O’ahu Looping Time lapse Video