Life in the 
Hawaiian Islands
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Aloha Tower sits on the seaport of Honolulu harbor.

Today one can find numerous restaurants, boutiques, and bars within the tower, along with Live music, Great food, and Shopping.  

Aloha Tower  was erected in 1926,‭ ‬and at the time was the tallest building in Hawaii.

Honolulu Harbor helped to establish a center of commercial activity in the Pacific. 

Iolani palace

    Built by King David Kalakaua in 1882, Iolani Palace was once a royal residence.  Today you can walk through the halls of the Palace as a museum full of Hawaiian History and Culture.

     In 1810‭ ‬King Kamehameha became ruler of the all of the main Hawaiian islands.  King Kamehameha’s statue is located off South King street and sits in front of the Judiciary History Center.

    Once a year his statue is adorned with lei’s and on what is now a state holiday, King Kamehameha Day. 

    There is a parade that travels through South King street in Honolulu.  Many line the streets to celebrate and enjoy the festivities.

Today the activity continues‭, as the commercial center of Hawaii‭. ‬Honolulu harbor handles over 11‭ ‬million tons of cargo annually‭, ‬and provides Hawaii with over eighty percent of‭ ‬its required goods‭.