Life in the 
Hawaiian Islands
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Lava Flows from one of the most active volcanoes in the world, view in real time as well as time lapse, enjoy!

Mauna Kea another volcano, yet this one is dormant.  Witness both the sun an moon rise and set among one of the largest telescopes in the world!

  The Big Island DVD - Island of Fire & Ice    

The Island of Fire and Ice, the Big Island of Hawaii, or Hawaii Island itself, is larger than all the other islands combined. 

Snow Capped mountains to white sand beaches, Rain forests to Waterfalls and Lava flow’s, the Big Island is perhaps the most climactically diverse island in the world, hosting more than 11 of 13 climactic regions. 

This DVD reveals the raw beauty found on this amazing island.



Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Punaluu Beach,

Mauna Kea Summit and Observatories, Kona Coast,

Saddle Back Road,

Akaka and Rainbow Falls,

and Much More.


Lava flows,

Jacksons Chameleons,

Climactic Zones,

Native Birds,

Native Plants,

Marine Animals:

Manta Rays,


Dolphins and More.

Bonus Materials:

- In the life of a Jackson Chameleon

- Loopable Relaxation Segments:

- Lava Medley

- Time lapse Medley

- Big Island Beaches and Forests

An Unimaginable trek through the most active volcano Kilauea, witness Lava Flows that pour into the ocean.  Rarely seen onyx sand beaches, to white sand shorelines, view water falls that reside in tropical rain forests, head up through the Saddle Back road lying between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, reach the 13,000+ elevation of Mauna Kea’s summit and linger in the snow among some of the worlds largest telescopes.  The Big Island is a Rare Gem, the youngest of the Island chain and still taking shape.